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Why musical instruments are important for your brain and memory

All extremely smart people are not naturally musical, but extremely musical people are evidently extremely smart.

musical instruments
musical instruments

It is no longer an assumption, but a proven fact that playing musical instruments makes you smarter! Music instruments do more than just share the joy and thrill of music. They can help build your confidence, enhance your memory, or widen your social circle. In simple terms, playing musical instruments has innumerable social, physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It is the simple reason why a child is encouraged to play a musical instrument while young.

The science behind music and brains

Playing musical instruments involves several components of the peripheral and central components of the nervous system. When a musician plays a music instrument, the motor system, located in the brain, controls both fine and gross movements required to produce sound. Sound is processed by auditory circuitry which can adjust the signaling by motor control centers. Additionally, the sensory information provided by hands, fingers and arms is sent to the brain for processing. If you are reading music, the visual information will be sent to the brain for interpreting and processing commands for the motor centers. Your brain also processes emotional responses to music. How interesting!

How a music instrument can help improve memory.

As we age, we tend to lose memory. However, playing musical instruments keeps your memory sharp even at old age. Playing music involves both sides of the brain, which increases the volume of the grey matter. The central and peripheral nervous system profoundly impacts the brain's ability to process auditory, sensory, visual and emotional information. That means that people who play musical instruments have better cognitive function compared to non-musicians. Your memory becomes more powerful and more robust while the skill of music improves verbal memory, literacy skills and spatial reasoning. In other words, playing musical instruments is simply a workout for the brain that translates better memory and sound mental health.

Take away

We all love the sound of music. While it is always good for the ears, music and the art of playing a musical instrument helps keep your mental and psychological health in stable condition. If playing a musical instrument is something you have been planning to do, the pandemic has offered you a chance. Enhance your memory and mental health now when you have the chance.


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