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Essentials todos and funny things for the weekend

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to stay tight at home trough the week and weekends. Most of us are almost going stir crazy for not being able to go about our business, as usual, engaging in activities that we value most. However, you can use this time to catch up with your partner and kids or focus on those things that you have always wanted to do but never found the chance to.

Ever thought of watching 'Star Wars' or 'Money Heist? what about that home garden that you abandoned? or that musical instrument that you badly wish to learn to play, the options are endless. Staying home can be fun if you have exciting things to do and look forward to. Here are our top five essentials to kick away that boredom during the weekend.

playing game in weekend
game playing in the weekend

1. View items and shop on giant retailers like Amazon and Aliexpress

If you like shopping, you have the chance to go through almost any global online retailer and purchase those items that you have been reluctant to buy. Amazon and Aliexpress have millions of products to select from

2. Take online courses on

Are you passionate about a specific course but never had the chance to enroll for classes, then this is your chance. There are tons of online courses available in Coursera that can intrigue you. You can beat lockdown boredom by studying at home and completing your education. This is an excellent way of making use of your time and expanding your knowledge.

3. Watch movies or series with your family on Amazon Prime

The easiest and most straightforward way to spend your weekend is grabbing a few bags of popcorn and cozying yourself on the couch for some great time series. You can check Amazon prime for any movie or series you want to watch and stream it on your Tv. You can start with the talk of the town like 'Tiger King' or 'Money Heist.' remember, you may never get the chance to watch these, so, watch now when you have the opportunity.

4. Date on eHarmony

The weekend can be long, especially for single individuals. However, the covid-19 pandemic also gives you a chance to find love again if you are single. If you were too busy with work and other social activities, nothing should stop you now. The best part about this is that you have plenty of time to know your potential date through chatting and video calls.

There are thousands of dating sites that you can join and find love during these lonely times. Your perfect match could just be a  text away on eHarmony. If you have not signed in, you are missing out. Try now before it is too late. You never know, this could be the opportunity for you to start a family!

5. Read a book on kindle book

Many people have home libraries that they never get to use. If you have a library with an excellent selection of your favorite books, then this is the time to curl at your favorite corner with your mug of steaming coffee and enjoy your books. Whether you are a crime, psychology, fiction, literature, or inspiration fanatic, you can always get your book at the comfort of your home when you order on Amazon. You can also read on kindle books without having to purchase hard copies. Reading is an excellent way of passing time without straining your eyes on the computer or tv.

Staying at home is not a punishment. Find something interesting to do; it may turn out to be the missing puzzle about you.


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