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How to build your personal site for your career

We will give you advice about starting a personal site for your career; Technology has massively affected how we look for jobs as well as how hiring managers find and evaluate candidates. With the help of value proposition and personal websites, you can bet that in the coming years, recruiters will be finding entrepreneurs and talents and not the other way round. Let's face it; resumes are boring. They expire and become outdated the moment you hand them to a recruiter, and you have to make new copies because you cannot update what you already shared. And that's where a personal website comes in. A personal site fixes all the challenges that come with a resume, most talents, and entrepreneurs in the 3 best cities in the USA are doing it right now.

personal site for career
making a personal site for your career

Why you need a personal site for your career.

Job hunting can be exhausting as it is often competitive. However, you don't have to worry about other candidates beating you when you have a well-outlined personal site that showcases your values, skills, and expertise. Your website will give your recruiters a glimpse of your personality--your voice, values, entrepreneurship, personality, hobbies, beliefs, goals, and interests.

1. A website is versatile and dynamic.

A website is ever-changing. You can customize everything the way you want anytime you want. Every time you accomplish something or make a lifetime change in your career, you can update it on your website. Every time you complete a project successfully, you can add it on your site, and everyone can view it from there. You don't have to print or share an updated resume over and over. Those who are interested in your skills will always come back to see what you have been up to.

2. It gives you a competitive advantage

Very few people think of creating personal websites for their career, and in such a situation, it is a match that started at 1:0 because you are one or several steps ahead of your competitors. Your site outlines everything about you. You get the advantage to use the plethora of utilities available to polish your online presence. These tools arm you with the strengths and skills that a recruiter will be looking for and also give reasons why a hiring manager should consider hiring you. With everything under one package, you make the recruiter's work easier.

3. A great way to sell your brand

If you don't own a website, people looking for you on Google may only find your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles. However, if you have a site, you are more likely to be found by a wider and larger audience.

How to build a personal site for your career

  • Get a domain name and web hosting: The best way to build a personal website is knowing how you are going to have it hosted. There are many ways of creating one, including using sites such as and you can also create a free blog at WordPress, Tumblr, and Weebly. Depending on your budget, features, and tools that you want, any method can work.
  • Install WordPress and set up your site: WordPress is a blogging website and a popular platform for building non-blog sites. WordPress is easy to use and only requires a few minutes to set up.
  • Customize the design of your website with a theme: Once you have your WordPress installed, you can work with the themes available at your disposal to create a unique look of your site. You don't need to have any graphic design skills to accomplish this.
  • Enhance your site with widgets and plugins: Another great feature that comes with WordPress is its ability to work with plugins. Installing plugins is pretty much basic, and almost every plugin that you need is stored in the official WordPress plugins repository.


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